146158323511722-2.jpegI was going to a company party where the dress code was Casino Royale, and my mind immediately flashed to the emerald-green Calvin Klein gown Kendall Jenner wore to the Met Gala.

“Well, what dress did Eva Green wear in the James Bond movie?” I asked my parents, my boyfriend, whoever was sitting in the room.

“All the girls are going to be wearing dresses, Sarah. Why don’t you show up in a tux?” my dad asked. Wait, why the hell didn’t I show up in a tux?

A few weeks later, my co-workers discussed the extreme lengths they were going to to find a dress for the party. Plenty of them planned to rent floor-sweeping designs, but I stood there smiling to myself, picturing the trousers and black silk blazer I had paired up at home. I asked my guy friend Ryan for a bow tie. I was going to feel totally comfortable in a look that — my dad was right — was so totally me. Not because I don’t love Kendall Jenner’s Met Gala dress, or because I don’t appreciate a princess gown. Simply because I like pants. Why shouldn’t I wear them, even if it’s still considered “conventional” for a woman to show up to a gala in a dress?

As it turned out, there wasn’t one little cocktail number at the party that I liked more than my slacks. And frankly, I was surprised there weren’t more ladies all dressed up like Bond. I know plenty of women who prefer pants and flats over slinky maxis. It forced me to wonder when we’ll all just start wearing what we like. When will we leave those preconceived notions — that boys wear suits and ties while girls wear skirts — in the dust? Well, I guess the industry has to first, and it’s happening gradually.

(Source: POPSugar fashion)

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