Berneds-polished-sculptures-are-conceived-from-mathematical-laws-and-exact-geometrical-linesVALENCIA.- The show starts with four large works installed outside the museum as a prologue to the exhibition features 60 works selected for the occasion.As part of the exhibition space has been defined as ‘studio area’, which has enabled the study itself to appreciate the artist and the current evolution of his creative activity with the exhibition of the latest pieces made to be incorporated in this space , as its completion, in lieu of those discussed above.
Accompanying the sculptures, a selection of images shows the result of collaboration with photographer Héctor Gómez Rioja.
The architect and sculptor Arturo Berned (Madrid, 1966), studied Architecture in Madrid and continued his studies in London, Turin and Oxford. His career as an architect began in Mexico, England, Italy and Spain, and concludes as Project and Works Manager in the Estudio Lamela, which means he has been able to share experiences and projects such as Terminal 4 at Barajas Airport, Real Madrid’s “Ciudad Deportiva” (Sporting City), the extending of the Football Stadium Santiago Berbabéu, or tenders such as Telefónica’s District C or the Sharm El Sheikh Airport.Arturo

(Source: AllartNews)

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